Unlocking Futuristic Fixes for Painful Knees and Hips! By Dr Chia Shi-Lu

Painful knees or hips are common complaints that can significantly impact daily life and mobility. Whether caused by arthritis, injury, or degenerative conditions, such pain often limits activities and diminishes quality of life. While physiotherapy can help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, it may not address the underlying structural issues contributing to the pain. In cases where conservative treatments such as physiotherapy or medication provide inadequate relief, individuals may consider advanced surgical options. These include minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, as well as sophisticated joint replacement surgeries tailored to individual needs with options like robotic-assisted techniques and customized implants. By emphasizing these advanced treatment options, individuals suffering from debilitating knee or hip pain can make informed decisions about their health, ultimately improving their quality of life and restoring mobility.