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Queenstown Bone & Joint Health Clinic

Building Strong Foundations: Prioritising Bone and Joint Health for Aging Adults
Queenstown Bone & Joint Health Clinic
The Queenstown Multi-Service Centre is a dedicated facility designed to cater specifically to the needs of the elderly population in the Queenstown district. The commitment of Dr Nicholas Yeo and Dr Chia Shi-Lu to positively impact the healthcare of elderly residents is evident through their invaluable services at the Centre, particularly their efforts to provide healthcare support through the Bone and Joint Health Clinic.
Dr Nicholas Yeo is currently the Chairman of Queenstown Multiservice Centre which is where the clinic is run out of. The Bone and Joint Health Clinic was founded by Dr Chia Shi-Lu in 2012 and has been operating every 2 months thanks to the joint efforts of Dr Chia Shi-Lu and Dr Nicholas Yeo. It is run on a pro bono basis as part of their efforts to give back to the community.
With a primary objective to address musculoskeletal issues amongst elderly residents in the community, their compassionate care aims to improve the quality of life of these individuals facing such challenges. By providing their expertise and dedicating their time to this worthy cause, these two doctors are making a difference and empowering healthy aging within the community.

For more information on Queenstown Multi-Service Centre, please visit https://www.qmscsg.org/services

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