Local Bunion Patient Numbers Rise : How To Treat? By Dr Nicholas Yeo

Bunion treatment has become increasingly crucial in Singapore, with a 30% rise in patients suffering from this condition over the past five years. Bunions not only affect one’s appearance but also result in persistent pain that can disrupt daily life. Even children can develop bunions, with half of the treated patients aged 20 to 35, active in sports and fitness. Mild cases can be managed with footwear changes or custom insoles, but specialist surgery becomes necessary when these measures fail. Traditional bunion surgeries involve creating large openings and using metal screws and plates for realignment, a process taking up to six months to heal. However, the introduction of minimally invasive techniques involving small incisions and bone removal, has significantly reduced post-surgical symptoms, making it an attractive option for patients seeking relief. Watch video to understand the procedure and who would benefit from this type of bunion treatment.